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Robert Tasker

License No. 01260483

220 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Francisco, CA 94104

Tel: 415.543.9401


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Professional Info


Robert B. Tasker is the CEO of CM Commercial Real Estate, Inc. and Bob’s experience includes more than 17 years of commercial real estate experience advising clients with complex commercial real real-estate decisions. Running a profitable company has also provided Bob insight and understanding of business operations for CM Commercial’s clients, as well the importance of managing costs and making good business decisions.


Bob and the team of experts at CM Commercial provides companies with expertise in making good real estate decisions.


Bob serves on the executive committee for ACG, is a member of ProVisors and has been a member of the Alliance of CEOs for 5+ years. He holds a BA in Finance from The University of San Diego. Bob and his family currently reside in the East Bay.

Major Transactions




Ion Systems (HQ/R&D/Lab)

AIC Labs (HQ/Lab)


Solaria (HQ/R&D)

Cerexa Pharmaceuticals (HQ)

LFR Inc.

Berkeley HeartLab (HQ/Lab)

Telecare Corporation

Arriva Pharmaceuticals (HQ/Lab)

MetroPCS (HQ)




Arriva Pharmaceuticals

Berkeley HeartLab

AIC Labs, Inc.

All Cells

Scios Pharmaceuticals (J&J)

Celera Diagnostics

Fugro West


LFR,Inc. / ArcadisMaxim Healthcare

Sunpower (Powerlight)

Siemens Medical California Heathcare Foundation


Michael Hoff Productions

California Bank & Trust CA Emerging Infections Program

Cerexa Pharmaceuticals

Professional Healthcare                              Center for Disease Control






Alliance of CEOs



2010 - present

2010 - present

225,000 RSF

87,000 RSF

52,000 RSF

50,000 RSF

50,000 RSF

44,00 RSF

38,000 RSF

36,000 RSF

36,000 RSF

26,000 RSF

22,000 RSF

22,000 RSF

20,000 RSF


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